What exactly is Blu Ray?

blu-ray-logoBlu Ray is a format to play high definition (HD) video from a disc that looks like a DVD but holds several times the data. Standard definition video, which DVD is, displays 480 lines of verticle resolution on your screen. Blu Ray displays either 720 or 1080 lines of resolution. More lines of resolution means increased image clarity. At 1080 lines Blu Ray has 2.25 times more information in it.

I've compared Hollywood movies on DVD to Blu Ray and it is difficult to tell that the Blu Ray is substantially better. Why get a Blu Ray player and a Blu Ray disc?

wide-tvbrplayerIt's all about the starting quality. The latest Hollywood movies start out at a resolution of 4000 lines or more (in the modern digital formats) and movies shot in 32 mm film are at least that resolution if not higher. When you start with an extremely high quality product and squeeze it down to 1080 (HD) or even 480 (DVD) lines, the end result is going to look very good compared to if you started with a much lower resolution. Consumers and videographers who start with HD cameras recording at 1080 lines are starting with a lower quality product compared to Hollywood's film and 4K camera's.  If you shoot video at DVD quality (480 lines) you can never get better quality than the original raw footage. If you shot at HD quality (1080 lines) and watch it on a Blu Ray player you will get correspondingly better quality.

What do I need to play a Blu Ray disc?

First you need a Blu Ray player. A good Blu Ray player can be purchased between $75 and $100 new and you can occasionally find less expensive players. The second thing you will need is a modern wide screen TV. Older TVs only display 480 lines so would not be suitable. If you have a wide screen TV you already have the most expensive component.

Why should I buy your video in a Blu Ray format?

As discussed above the comparative improvement in quality between a DVD we produce and a Blu Ray we produce will be substantial. The image below was originally shot in high defintion and produced as a bluray and a DVD. This shot shows the bluray resolution on the left side of the screen with the DVD resolution version superimposed on the right side of the screen. If you compare the quality of these shots left and right the difference in clarity is dramatic. Click on the image to open a full sized version that reflects the bluray1080 resolution.

 Light Friday BRvDVD-small

The HD shot is presented in it's original resolution (1920 wide by 1080 vertical) while the DVD version was blown up from 720X480 to 1920X1080 to simulate what a DVD low definition shot would look like on a widescreen TV at 1080. The picture presented here is reduced in size to fit the page.

Why are your Blu Ray videos more expensive than your DVDs?


  • An HD camera suitable for our needs costs almost 50% more than a new SD camera did a few years ago ($3500 vs $2500). To do a typical large scale event usually requires two of these cameras.
  • DVD printable blanks cost about $ 0.40 a piece. Good quality Blu Ray printable blanks cost $2.50 each, an increase of over 500%. Plus, Blu Rays take four times longer to duplicate than a DVD.
  • Other factors include the need to use more powerful computers and software to edit than would otherwise be necessary with SD footage.

These factors influence our pricing accordingly.

 Sony AX-2000 HD camera    Sony VX-2000 SD camera